Nuovi firmware per Nokia N73, no brand e no brand Music edition: 4.0812.4.x.1

nokia n73 firmware no brand meNuovo rilascio per uno dei telefoni Best Seller di Nokia, ovvero l' N73 che vede disponibili due nuovi firmware: il 4.0812.4.0.1 per la versione No Brand (Euro 1) e il 4.0812.4.2.1 per la versione No Brand Music Edition. Solito discorso per i telefoni brandizzati dagli operatori (vedi Tim, Vodafone, Tre, eccetera), per i quali gli aggiornamenti tardano ad arrivare.

Questa nuova relase, indipendentemente dalla versione del telefono (Music Edition oppure no), offre notevoli miglioramenti in termini di performances e aggiunge nuove funzionalità. La qualità che salta subito all'attenzione, è la velocità di reazione del telefono che è stata notevolmente migliorata: l'accesso e l'uscita nella galleria o in Nokia Maps ad esempio, sono molto più veloci di prima.

E' stato aggiunto il supporto al ricevitore di TV digitale terrestre SU-33, presente anche sul precedente firmware (ritirato poche ore dopo il rilascio). Il Nokia Search (o Ricerca), è stato aggiornato alla penultima versione 3.6 che aggiunge la ricerca locale nel contenuto del telefono. Nessun supporto N-Gage è ancora disponibile e i miglioramenti di velocità sono a scapito del quantitativo di Ram disponibile. Vi lasciamo con un changelog ufficioso (ma non ufficiale).

- New features or changes
- DVB-H: Support for the DVB-H BT module (SU-33W receiver). This
allows DVB-H video stream to be sent via BT to the terminal and
enables Mobile TV reception in the device at the rate of 25-30 fps.
- Future Support for Express Mail Client: Defines UID for Freestyle Email
client in N-Series devices. This will provide a superior user experienceby integrating Freestyle Email and offering Intellisync based push email
- Full Support for Java Apps on Active Idle and Softkeys: This allows
Java applications to be assigned to one of the Soft-keys out of the box.
- Maps: Baseline update to 1.2ww48 release. General error fixes.
- MTV DVB-H Subscription: DVBH subscriptions can be done on Nokia
terminals using WAP proxy
- MTV: Updating the help content
- Update of MTV to MBC 4.1 level: Incorporates feature improvements
required by many new operators. Also includes error corrections required by current MTV customers.
- Error corrections:
- Phone crash and reboot issues
- Phone hangs when a broken video clip is tried to be viewed
- Exiting Maps stalls the phone
- Problem with call not being able to be made from Maps
- Problem with downloading a big video file
- MTV not recovering after a lost signal
- Viewing a received SMS with 158 section number SIM in Xinjiang province.
- Streaming of AAC+ and eAAC+ content is not implemented correctly.
- RealOne Player goes into an infinite loop when a corrupted RTCP
packet is received
- MTV is not brought back after a voice call ends
- DVB-H - RO not delivered
- DVB-H – Issues with subscription
- DVB-H - Usage tracking crashes the phone
- Message receiving stops even when sufficient memory is available
- DVB-H – Picture jams totally after an hour ov viewing Isma 313
- Memory leak issues in H264 depacketizer
- Wrongly configured audio profile for eAAC+ radio channel results in hangs and resets
- Distortion of Email text field
- DVB-H – Signal scan dialog is not closed during a voice call
- DVB-H – Switching off accessory during ESG update causes problems
- DVB-H – No Channel is displayed after initial scan
- MTV jams when activating speech
- DVB-H – Stream does not recover if BT is switched off with MTV in the background
- SMS cannot be received
- DVB-H – MTV Preview does not stop at 1 minute
- DVB-H – Some Ä-letters missing from mobile TV application menus
- DVB-H – Incoming voice call gets displayed as video call while watching mobile TV
- DVB-H – Programs can be subscribed even the whole channel has been subscribed before
- DVB-H – Streaming is not resumed after having MT/MO voice or video calls.
- DVB-H – Subscribtion retrieval does not work after factory reset
- DVB-H – Content of SMS trigged by interactive service is missing in BCAST ESG
- DVB-H – Missing MTV help files for French, Italian and Croatian
- DVB-H – MBS3.3 (BCAST) Forward compatibility problem
- DVB-H – Enabling of SIM Lock feature
- DSP Changes to Support N73 Dual Feed Antenna


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