Nokia 5800. Rilasciato anche in Europa il firmware v21.0.025, con tanto di changelog

A una settimana dall'annunciata disponibilità per gli utenti di Hong Kong, arriva anche in Europa la nuova versione v21.0.025 del firmware per Nokia 5800.

L'aggiornamento è dispobibile, secondo quanto si legge in rete, via FOTA, mentre non è ancora sicuro se sia possibile scaricarlo anche da NSU. Ma diamo un'occhiata al changelog:

* Lock code does not work after FOTA update
* Logs: Info cannot be seen in missed calls if name includes special characters
* The envelope icon doesn’t open after reading the sms
* Autolock requested via MfE but not activated
* MPX harvester server crach with DRM files
* Oper. menu application icon missing after NSU update
* CDP Displays: CDP Clock and Data Have To Be Transmitted 2 Frames Before Sleep Out (SLPOUT 11h) Command
* “Program closed: Idle” after Restoring factory settings
* Video telephone: Phone reboots after tap call button several times when answer an incoming video call
* Music Player crashes when user tries to refresh Real audio into Music library
* Dialer: The cursor is not displayed in dialer panel
* Audio disappears after playing music long time with BT
* Music player the album art in Now Playing view is downscaled
* Access point password is not provisionable
* Voice commands application crashes after language change
* Synchronization cannot be done using PC Suite Sync application
* FL3.0: Inline Text editing from browser plugin is not successful
* Browser does not show some MIME-types of type image correctly
* Browser: Not possible to move the cursor when typing in a textarea field
* Browser: Page scroll wobbles if user scrolls with flash while page is in scroll motion
* Browser: Page does not scroll if drag is started from the edge of flash window
* Browser: Page scroll does not work after stopping going to new page opened via flash banner
* Bluetooth causing extra current consumption when activated
* Predictive search not working properly in country selection
* Music Player application crashes if album art is selected to be changed
* Duplicate contacts after restore
* Music Player: White screen displayed if change orientation between landscape and portable mode
* MO/MT calls will not work when restoring backup from old phone to more recent version

* Notification Lights according to Nokia Design specification
* Touch usability improvements:
* Finger touch support for Special Character Table
* Size of arrows (tab pane & navi pane) in touch UI
* Arrows in forms, date & time selection, touch UI
* Profile, date area in touch UI
* Calendar Finger usability: change single row list items in day view wider

Come vedete, si tratta perlopiù di bugfix, ma non solo, qualche piccola novità è stata introdotta anche a livello dell'usabilità del touch screen e dell'interfaccia grafica, con ritocchi a dimensioni e forma delle freccie presenti sul display e nel calendario. Poco altro, ma vista la mole di bug corretti, io un pensierino all'aggiornamento fossi in voi lo farei... ;)


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